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One of the key considerations in choosing clients we work with is whether or not we believe in what we would be selling.

We admit this next part is going to sound a bit self-serving, but there’s no easier way to help us believe in what you’re selling than by helping us to experience your product or service first-hand. Sending samples to our team will accelerate consideration of your application as we become familiar with your brand and product or service. 

Samples at this stage in the process are not required—but they are the quickest way to get on our radar.

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Instructions for Sending Sample

Blue Cell Studios team members who receive samples are required to submit their experiences/feedback to the group in order to ensure that your samples are being used for the purposes of the evaluation and business development.

The more members of our team who are able to sample a product or service, the more feedback we're able to gather as a group, and the easier it is for us to evaluate whether further discussions are merited.

If you'd like the whole team at HB to experience your product, please send ~30 samples. We do understand that sending a large number of samples of some products can be cost prohibitive. If that's the case for your product or service, no worries — we'll work with you to be sure that we can experience your product and determine whether we're a good fit.

Please send samples to:

Blue Cell Studios

P.O BOX 34171

San Antonio,TX 78265

What's Next?

With the information you've just sent, we have everything we need to begin a conversation about how Blue Cell Studios can help your business. You can expect a response from our team within 3 business days.

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